POINT OF VIEW was part of the 2nd International Film Festival in Zacatecas  (Mexico) "Fronteras migrantes" (2 -7/12/2008)

It was also chosen to participate in Ireland in the Waterford Film Festival 2008 in two categories: "Best 1st Short" and  "Short Programme 2"

POINT OF VIEW  will participate in Bologna, Italy, during the Festival Internazionale di Cinema e Cibo in may 2009.

Waterford Film Festival

"Point of View" has been selected for this years Waterford Film Festival in Ireland.

The film is going under the: 

  • Best  1st Short Film Category
  • and will be apart of  "Short Programme 2"

what if mankind was just cattle?

what if we were created

just to be part of a different food chain?

what if after death,

we find out that the one we call "god",

actually feeds on us?

how can we escape to this end?

why faith isn't enough?

run time                       07,59

language                   english

subtitles      spanish / french